Xen-based Execution Engine


In the last few years the remote execution of applications has gained more and more on im- portance. This is due to the fact that paradigms like grid computing have been developed. The computation power that is required by a scientist to execute a complex simulation need not to be locally available anymore. Instead he can submit the simulation to a remote high performance cluster that is provided by an organization that has specialized in providing computation power.

The current developments in the area of hardware virtualization show that current desktop computer systems are powerful enough to execute many different operating systems in parallel. The usage of hardware virtualization imposes only a little overhead.

This work aims at sticking both concepts together to provide a novel execution environment. This environment is going to provide secure remote execution of applications in user-supplied virtual machines. The execution will behave like a batch job — send the execution and input data away and get the results back.

The complete thesis can be found here.